Ushiro Takatekote
To tie the arms behind the back
by Tatu

(c) 2001, Revised 2007


The exact source origin of this term is not known.

Ushiro Takatekote — a basic foundational Kinbaku (tight binding) form; binding the arms and wrists behind the back. The term Ushiro Takatekote is made up of two roma-ji words: "ushiro" which means "behind the back" and "takatekote" which means "bound hands and arms". This behind the back box arm tie is based upon ties originally found in the samurai martial art of Hojo-jutsu or Nawajutsu, which later evolved into its erotic usage at the end of the 19th centruy and early 20th century. It is foundational to many other Kinbaku ties.

You will need a rope about 25'-30' (8-10 meters) long.
This will vary with the size of your subject.

(1) Begin by positioning the arms behind the back in the classic Japanese u-shape arm position.  Fold the rope in half creating a what is known as a "larks head". Begin by wrapping the wrists first.

(2) We will wrap the wrists two or three times.  

(3) It is preferred to leave a little slack around the wrists rather than tie it down tightly, risking loss of circulation or nerve impingement.

Tie the wrists by passing the larks head of the rope under all the bands around the wrists and tie off with a square knot ,or two half hitches, or even a slip knot if you want a true quick release possibility.  The wrists are tied separately from the main chest harness so it can be released if the arms need to be repositioned.

(4) The finished wrist tie.  

(5)  We now take the rope around the outside of the arms above the breasts first.

(6)   Wrap all the way around to the back and loop under your rope coming up from the wrists.

(7) Go around and wrap your rope in the opposite direction below the breasts.

(8) Continue around the outside of the arms and to the center position and loop under the center rope.  

(9) Wrap around again in the opposite direction below the breasts and tie off in the back.

The finished back.

The finished front.


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