Square Knot


Also "Reef Knot"

by Tatu

March 2000

A square knot, also called a reef knot, is the most important knot you need to learn when doing rope bondage.   It is the knot you will use to end up  to tie off the loose ends, and securely lock in you captive.  Why is it important?  Because if you are not careful you can tie a "granny knot" which with just a little pressure will come undone. If you have a struggler on your hands you don't want the knot to come undone and accidentally allow her to fall and hurt herself seriously.  So as the bondager, you are responsible to learn this knot not only to prevent escape, but more importantly for safety reasons.

There is an old boy scout saying that helps you remember how to tie this knot.  It goes like this, "Right over left, left over right".


 What this means is illustrated here.  First you see above, in #1 the right lead over the left.  

2.    3.   

In #2 and #3 I am twisting the top or right lead down and around the left.


#4 Here we see the completion of the first twist.


#5 Now for the 2nd twist, you do the opposite.  In other words, put the left lead over the right lead and twist under and back around.


#6  Here you have the finished knot.  You seey the symetrical loop inside of a loop.
 If it doesn't look like this, then you most likely tied a granny knot.

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