(Tying up the Pearls)

by Tatu
(c) 2001,  Revised 2007

The Shinju is a basic breast bondage. Shinju is Japanese word for "pearls". The euphemistic meaning here is that the breasts or even nipples are the pearls.

The use of the word shinju seems to be primarily of western usage. It is a beautiful descriptive word of binding the female breasts. So, while it may not be a word commonly used in Kinbaku in Japan today; I have heard it used in a Denki Akechi Video from the 90's where he is suspending her by the breasts and she moans "shinju' simply referring to her breasts. 

We are using an 8mm hemp rope. Start by folding the rope in half and wrapping the rope around the torso under the breasts.

We thread the rope through the fold in the back and wrap the rope back around the torso in the opposite direction.

This is what the ropes look like from the front.  

Hook the rope through the rope at the back and take it over the shoulder and to the front.

Take the rope down between the breasts to the bottom horizontal wrap under the breasts. Fold the rope around the lower horizontal rope and bring back up between the breasts.

We twist it once or twice on the way up between the breasts. You can be decorative at this point with your twists, incorporating both ropes or just the bottom or if your wrapped twice under the breasts, just incorporating the top wrap of the two.

Take the rope back over the opposite shoulder to the back.
You can tie off with a simple overhand knot or a square knot, or here you can see we did a circular weave  through the 6 rope spokes, if you want to be a little decorative.

Note: It is advisable to offset your knot to one side of the spine if your model is to be laying on her back for any length of time.

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