(Tying up the Cherry)

by Tatu
(c) 2001   Revised 2005

The Sakura is the basic bottom bondage. "Sakura" is the Japanese word  for "cherry".

The meaning here is that the female center of pleasure is likened to a luscious and sweet tasting cherry, euphemistically speaking.

Begin with the larks head and wrap the
rope around your captives waist, pulling the
loose end through the larks head.

Tie and over hand knot and then
either tie a second over hand knot at
about the clitoris position between
the legs, This we call the "joy" knot
as it provides great stimulations
and pleasure to our captive.  

Or as an alternative tie chain stitch for a
few inches to give maximum pleasure
between her legs.

You will find she will squirm and wiggle in
order to find and take maximum advantage
of the joy knotting.

Pull to the backside and up to the waist
rope and tie off with an over  hand knot.

Here we see the finished
Sakura with the Shinju.

A beautiful yumi !

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