Ryo Tekubi
To Tie the Wrists
by Tatu

(c) 2001, Revised 2007


(1)  This is actually a "western style" wrist or ankle binding. It is preferred to the Japanese style, as you have more control over the tension, and in avoiding pressure on the inside of the wrists where the tender, nerve endings pass close to the surface of the skin. You will need a rope (3/8" suggested) approximately 12-15 feet in length.

Fold the rope in half, creating what is known in knot circles as a "larks head". Begin by passing the larks head around the wrists one time, and feeding the loose end through it as shown in the illustration.

(2)  Then circle the two loose ends the opposite direction around the wrists.
Notice the captives wrists are wide apart. The rope submissive has been trained to do this, because if she did not have this space, when you begin winding between the wrists, there would be too much pressure to the inside of the wrists.

(3) After a couple of winds around the wrists,
take the loose ends and feed
them through the center loop.

(4)  Wind the rope to the inside.

(5) You have the option of splitting the ropes and wind in opposite directions or wind in the same direction as shown in which case when you finish your winds, you will have to take one rope and feed it back through the horizontal back in the opposite direction in order to tie off.  

The pressure you put here is crucial. Do not tighten down extremely hard. It is not necessary in order to lock down the wrists and too much pressure could be put on the delicate nerves on the insides of the wrist. You want to check, with your index finger and make sure there is space between the inside wound ropes and the inside of the wrist. Too much pressure, and she will start feeling a tingling sensation, and loss of feeling and damage could be done to these nerves. It will shorten your play time as well if she loses sensation.

(6)  Your nawa jujun cannot get out. Remember to feel her hands periodically for coolness. This is a sure sign the ropes are too tight and circulation has been hindered, as well as possible unhealthy nerve compression.

(7)  Tie off on the backside of the wrists with a "square knot" to make it harder for her to try and get the knot loose with her teeth or twisting her fingers around.

As an option at this point, take the two loose ends, split and wrap around her waist to her back and tie off. 

Just Beautiful !! 


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