Portuguese Bowline

by Tatu
July 2001

 If you have not studied the bowline, go back to that first and master the simple bowline. Then come back to learn the portuguese bowline.

There is some discrepancy about the name of what I have illustrated  below.  Authorities are not in agreement.  I learned it as a scout as a Portuguese Bowline.  

Morrow (page 82) calls it the French Bowline. Ashley (1072) calls it a Portuguese Bowline.

The Portuguese Bowline is just like the bowline, except you will first make several lower loops  through the hole and around the limb.
The final time the rabbit comes up through the hole, then goes around the tree and goes back into the hole.
See how it makes a nice rope cuff. You should make sure you have left plenty of room and not tighten it down on the wrist against the sensitive nerve endings that run through the inside of the wrist close to the surface of the skin.
You can use the portuguese bowline ideally with a single limb restraint as shown. See how the knot slides up into the palm of her hand, giving her something to grab hold of. Notice how there is no rope pressing against the inside of the wrist.

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