John Willie's
G-String Tie


It is believed that John Willie wrote the following to a crossdresser around 1950-51, given it was mentioned in Bizarre issue #6. The original was discovered in the collection in New York belonging to a friend of John Willie's which is where J.B. Rund came across it. The original however was destroyed, along with this man's entire collection in the 1990's  after he died. This man was also a crossdresser. It is believed that Willie wrote similar letters to many others going back to the 1930's when he was in Australia.

The following appeared in the 1974 (First Edition) of The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline, pages x-xv. It was also in the Second Edition (Revised and Enlarged) 1999) pages xii-xvii.

The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline. The Illustrated Letter, containing The G-String Tie, was first published in the First Edition (1974) of the Book (pp x–xv). It was reprinted (on pp xii–xvii) of the Second Edition (Revised & Enlarged; 1999).

It is my understanding that the following is a transcript from a letter John Willie
wrote to one of his friends explaining various techniques that he used in tying women.
Willie would tie up his models for his drawings.

I have included this Willie tutorial because of the cross cultural influences John Willie had on
the art of Japanese Rope and Japanese Rope had on Willie western rope art.; much of what
we are just now begining to understand.

Special thanks to  J.B. Rund of Belier Press who I have communicated over the past few years to gain understanding of a number of history events, from which the above was drawn.

The following is Copyright © Bizarre Publishing Company. Used with Permission.

The G-String Tie

By John Willie

The method of doing the tying is very simple but very hard to describe and it is the one which even Houdini did not like. You drape a long cord round the back of the neck with the two ends falling over the shoulders (see fig. I ) in front. It doesn't go round the throat but is just draped over the neck. Then you bring the ends back under the arm pits (2-F) -cross over in the middle of the back near the waist (2-B) - round in front again (2-F) & then back between the thighs (2-B) and up to the wrists (3). The only time the rope is crossed is in the middle of the back. You pull it as tight as you can & tie it to each wrist separately as they are held close together in back (3).

You then pull the ends around the thighs (4-B) thus pulling the wrists apart until each one is resting just back of the thighs & tie the cord in front (OF). The advantage of this "wrap around" tie is that no matter how the body twists or turns it does not get slack anywhere. As you no doubt know if used on a skimpy "bra" & G string costume the wearer can perform all sorts of contortions & her breasts will stay in & not fall out. If a clove hitch is tied around each wrist the more the captive struggles the tighter it will become that's all. In addition it is quite impossible to move the hands around one further back & the other further in front & that sort of thing. When this has been done you simply tie a cord as tightly round the waist & arms as you can & that is that 4-B & F).

To make this even tighter & more secure tie a cord to the one at the back of the neck (5) & then pass it around the one that goes around the waist & arms pulling tight so that the cord at the neck is dragged down a bit & the one round the arms up a bit. Then carry on down to the wrists. Now here you pass it round the cord to say the left wrist, between the wrist & where it disappears between the legs (5) and then under the other cord which goes to the right wrist. Then pull up to tie it at the cord around the elbows again (6). This should draw the cord at the elbows down a bit nearer to it's original position & pull the one at the back of the neck automatially down further it also draws the cords which come from between the legs to the wrists close together & the higher up they are drawn together the tighter they will be round the wrists & the tighter up between the legs.

If you want the wrists crossed & tied behind the back then just bring the cord from between the legs around them. This actually is more secure if pulled good & tight.

As you probably know it is far harder to get free from a cord tied over & over like this(7) than one tied around in the usually approved manner like this (8). To be candid any tie which uses the round the neck under the arms base is quite impossible to get out of & it is very useful if a spot of whipping is to be indulged in. Start as in fig (1 ) & then in (2-B) instead of just crossing the cords over tie them together as tightly as possible & then pass one end through the one at the back of the neck drawing both together like an X. This is then a good solid foundation to which the wrists can be tied crossed but up between the shoulder blades a woman can get her arms right up but a man can not - but in any case your friend's hands will be well out of the way of interfering (9) .

One of my favourite methods of tightening cords is what I call a twitch. Here is a section of cord around the ankles (10). Tie it as tightly as possible & then either with the long end or a separate piece of cord which you wrap around the cords in front & behind the ankles (passing it over & over between the ankles) you draw them together like this (11) thus considerable tightening the bondage (12).

This twitch can be used on numerous occassions for whenever two cords are apart they can be tight- ened by being pulled together.

If it is done at the knees you will find that you cannot push the cord between the legs below the bond i.e. nearer the knee, but you can up towards the thighs. You therefore tuck the cord under the bondage around the knees push it between the legs near the thighs & then tuck it under the bondage around the knees again from the inside & behind the legs (13). Then if you pull you'll find you have the cords like this (14) (where you could never have got it with your fingers by pushing unless you had tied the cord around the knees very loosely).

All you have to do now is push the top end back between the thighs & the bottom end up between the thighs pull them tight & there you are though I would recommend pushing it under & round once more just. You probably know all these things on the other hand you may not.

There is one hell of a tie which is very effective. The victim's hands are tied behind her back & then she sits cross legged, like Buddha & her ankles are tied in this position. Then her feet are tied to the calves of her legs squat down & you'll see what I mean. Then (rather a difficult operation) she is turned over on her face. Because her feet are tied to her calves she must keep her knees separated in fact her legs really form a triangle her two thighs being the sides & her bound feet, calves & ankles being the bottom.

Once on her face her wrists are tied back as tightly as possible to her ankles arching her back. Then she is turned over on her back again & all of those things of interest are beautifully displayed.

Another milder form of this can be done in a chair. Tie her wrists to each of the back legs just below the seat (use an ordinary straight backed chair) then pull her forward till her bottom rests right on the edge and use the wrap over tie which I have illustrated but instead of putting the cord over the back of the back of the neck put it under the chair back top & then over her shoulders, under her arms, cross over, back & then bring forward to go back between her thighs as before & then make the ends fast to her wrists where they're tied to the chair leg. To keep her knees separated don't just tie her ankles outside the chai leg but draw them together behind the front legs of the chair first & then tie each ankle to its respective leg. To tighten the bondage put a twitch round the cords from between her thighs to her wrists drawing them together under the chair seat (15 & 16). You will find that she cannot move at all & again everything will be displayed. If you want to keep the bottom further forward on the chair this is quite simple. Once in the desired position tie a cord to the top of one front leg pass it across the back of her loins to the other chair leg & tie it. This will obviously quickly slip under her bottom (if it hasn't done so already) so to prevent this use a twitch from one side of her thighs over them to the other (17), This stops her from sliding back on the chair seat. The one round her body & between her thighs stops her sliding forward so there she is. I ve just thought of a way of giving your March victim hell quite simple if you don't mind badly marking a door frame. You need two screw eyes strong ones and a small clothes line pulley also strong. Screw one eye into the door frame level with the shoulders & the other about twelve inches below it & to this you fasten your pulley. Tie "her" hands behind her back & draw them up as high as possible to be uncomfortable, & fasten them to the top ring. Then tie a cord tightly round one ankle¡ª making a turn around the instep as well to prevent it slipping up the leg (18) then pass the long end through the pulley and having raised the other foot 5 or 6 inches clear of the ground tie that in the same way, Then leave her alone when she gets tired of standing on one leg she'll have to give a little jump to change feet as both cannot be on the ground at the same time. The position of her hands makes it difficult for her to use them to regain her balance and imagine she'll have quite an uncomfortable time. Damn I wish I could be there I could offer all sorts of suggestions. I gather that your tastes are rather like mine. I don't like extreme cruelty, your real flagellant is a most vicious person. I simply apply as much as is needed to correct disobedience. Discomfort in the form of bondage used is something of the same nature but there it helps increase the realisation of helplessness.

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