Hon Kikkou
Tortoise Shell

 Advanced Rope Lesson
by Tatu

(c) 2001,   Revised 2007

Model - "yumi"
Photos by Quietmstr
(c) 2005 Tatu Publications

This is probably one of the loveliest designs to learn. It is my favorite to tie. Notice the design between the breasts. 

It is called a "Hon Kikkou". "Hon" simply means "original" and "kikkou" is the Japanese word for "tortoise" which describes a 6 sided pattern as seen on the shell of a tortoise. 

Please Note: Unfortunately the word "kikkou" has been misused in the west to describe diamond shaped patterns on the body which would more accurately be called a "hishi".  The word "karada" is also used which simply means "body", but this was a western invention. The Japanese do not use the term "karada" in the description of these various body weaving patterns. 

We begin by folding the rope in half.
Place the folded end around the
model's waist, snugly securing it with an
overhand knot in the front.


We then route the two loose ends of the
rope up the torso between
the breasts and tie another overhand knot
about half way up between the throat and
the nipple line.

Our model's arms are folded in the traditional
Japanese "U" shape or what we call in the west a "box tie" position behind  her back. The Japanese will simply refer to this as a "gote" positon which means arms positioned to the rear. 

The rope comes over the shoulder and down under the folded arms and back up under the arm pits.


The rope is then passed up under the arms
from the back, and around the front
rope  on each side just above the top knot,
and then right back down the outside of the
torso/breasts and under the folded forearms
behind her back.

Bring the ropes back up from underneath
around the foreams.


Cross the rope in the back and take to the ends
to the outside of the upper arms
and to the front again.

Now bring the rope around each side
to the front fold around the center vertical
ropes below the top knot and
above the breasts.


Pull the ends of the rope
back around the outside
of the arms just below
the previous rope and
to the back.

We bring the rope to the center
of the back and gather it in a star
burst design with all the other lines.


You may tie a square knot at the center
where all the ropes are gathered.

The loose ends are brought again
to the front.

The rope is brought around the outside of the waist from under the forearms to the center
ropes in the front.  

This time feed the ends under the breasts,
but above the lower knot.

One last time take your ropes around the waist
under the arms and back to the center
of the starburst in the back.


Bring the ropes under the arms
to the center starburst and tie off.

Here we see the final front view.

Notice the tortoise shell design
between the breasts.

Isn't "yumi' gorgeous bound
is this decorative style!


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