by Tatu

July 2001

There is an old scouting adage that says
"the rabbit comes out of the hole,
around the tree and goes back into the hole".
Remember this as you learn this knot

The Bowline is a one of the two essential knots I feel are essential for safe rope play. It is a very usefule because you can create a loop that will not tighten town. Never use a traditional slip knot in rope bondage.
First you make loops as shown to the left.

The upper loop is the beginning of the bowline knot. It is the hole that the "rabbit" comes out of. Here you see the lead end or rabbit coming out of the hole.

The lower loop is the loop you will use that will remain the constant size and not get smaller or tighten down on your subject.

Here you see the rabbit (lead end) has gone around the tree and back into the hole.

Tighten the knot down.

See the nice horseshoe design? Now your lower loop is stable and will note slip or tighten down.

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