Rope and Spirituality

by Tatu

May 1, 2000

What is Spirituality?

Spirtuality is not Theology. Theology literally means, "thinking about god". Spirtuality is thinking about self. It is not religion or religious dogma. However one's spirituality may  recognize the spirit that dwells in all things or a higher power.

I did some research on the Internet and came up with the following definitions of Spirituality:

* Devotion to metaphysical matters vs worldly things. Metaphysical means the highly abstract or supernatural.

* Attachment to religious values

* Sense of meaning, purpose, self with practices such as meditation, rituals that suport ones identity and relationships

* Recognition of a higher power.

* Recognition of "self love" vs "self hate".

In our western civilization, we place great value on being very active and goal oriented. We always want to know more about everything and what we don't know is instantly available to us in an Internet environment. We know more about everything than probabaly any other culture or time in history, but probably know less about self than ever before in civilization.

Spirituality is knowing self so we can truly love self.

Each encounter we have in every circumstance is a vehicle to help us truly know and love self.

Our role play helps us focus on who we are and what we as human beings are really about. Bondage helps us be still; or struggle as the case may be, challenging us to process in our bodies what is being inflicted upon us. Corporal Discipline challenges the limits of pain and pleasure.

Spirituality that leads us to love ourselves is something that leads us to live with unconditional love, use safe sex, forgive our enemies, be honest, be non-judgmental, care for community members, volunteer to teach or mentor some aspect of safe and consensual play, or simply grow in our core values. It is being truly transparent with ourselve and our partners. It is honest communication, healing and just finding meaning for what we are about.

We use ritual to find this type of spirituality. The Way of Rope in my own experience is a beautiful ritual environment that leads the submissive to know herself. I use things like ritual bathing, candles, flowers, art, music, her ritualistic unpacking the ropes and preparing the scene space. The mutual bows is a moment of spirituality, acknowledging the beautiful empowered soul of the other.

Ritual can be seen in the process of putting on a collar and making a transition from the vanilla world to your erotic rope space at home. Things like positioning, presentation, crawling, and wearing certain clothing like kimono or slave dress all work to help the submissive know herself and love herself and the role she plays in the power exchange moment. This also speaks to the Rope Artist, Top or Dominant as to the sacredness of the moments one is about to share with another beautiful soul. A rich protocol helps some find a space of comfort and things familiar.

Spirituality can be seen on certain rituals attached to body modifications, such as wearing the kanji for slave tattooed on the body, or a ritual branding, or wearing a special piercings.

The D/s energy helps us cycle life and have the appropriate "down times" to rebalance the the soul.

The SM scene itself is often seen as a spirtual moment, when the body produces those pleasure endorphins and the submissive is released to fly.

A search of personal experience and some Internet research, I found the following as some of the ways people describe the journey.

* Sub Space / Top Space

* Blissing out

* Little girl space

* Enlightenment

* Down Time

* Pushing the limits of experience

* Orgasm / Clitoral / Genital / Full Body

* Flying

* Pushing Energy

* Endorphin High

* Channel Energy

* Altered state of consciousness

* Floaty