Why I Love Rope Art

by Tatu
January 1996

What's with this Rope Art stuff? You might be saying, "Isn't tying up women perverted and wrong?" Perverted?  Perhaps. Wrong? Absolutely not.

Someone once said,

"the greatest enemy of enlightenment is ignorance, even worse, ignorance that has no interest in becoming enlightened".

Because of that, one should always exercise extreme caution when 'revealing' oneself to others who may not necessarily turn out to be enlightened enough to deal with such things in an intelligent manner. While I am not ashamed of my lifestyle or interests in any way, I am certainly smart enough to understand that many people do not have tolerance as a component of their character. So for obvious reasons, I limit my "bondager" persona to public gatherings of generally like-minded people and to the relatively anonymous world of the Internet, as there are just too many nuts in the plain vanilla world.

So why do I do this? What's the point? I am a bondage lover, and have been for a many, many years. So you may ask, why bind a woman up in the first place? Now we come to the fun question. Why indeed?

1) It is beautiful/ artistic.    I have always been a visual person. I think most men are. I have always found the female and her many adornments aesthetically pleasing. The female in rope or leather bindings is just nice to look at.  I like to create an artistic moment for viewing pleasure.

2) It is sensually arousing.  It moves something deep in my essential being, my soul. They say sex is mostly between the ears. That of course is where all fantasy is born.

3) It is fun for me.   The whole process of planning and then binding your lovely victim is challenging in every way. The creative energy, the mental, emotional and sensual challenge to do bondage art is just plain fun. Who can resist a nude or barely clothed female form bound before you.. To lightly caress the ribs, the tummy, stroke her cheek, kiss her neck, to lightly touch her nipples..... and all sorts of other sensitive areas of a woman that are yours for the taking and touching. She can squeal, she can thrash, but she can't stop you from doing whatever you want to do. And that is just plain fun, all done of course within a consensually negotiated context.

4) Trust.     It is a wonderful and most powerful thing, when a woman trusts you, to allow you to render her helpless with bindings. It is the ultimate for this male of the species to have that consensual trust. It is a sacred trust to be highly regarded and cherished. It brings out the best in me.

And that leads me to the most important reason....

5) It is extremely pleasurable for her.  

For me bondage is not about inflicting pain it is about..... "inflicting pleasure". 

I'm am not a sadist.  I do not enjoy inflicting pain for personal pleasure.  I will give pain, but only if I know it is something they ultimately want. I will not do it for my our pleasure. That is the difference between a "sadist" and a "sensual sadist". The thing I ultimately enjoy the most is simply giving pleasure to a woman...bringing intense pleasure.   To watch her body quake with anticipation. To see her shiver with the pure ecstasy of sensual pleasure. Need I say more? Not really, but let's dig deeper in our understanding.

A Study On Sexual Arousal

Many years ago, in a study on human sexuality, researchers looked at the relationship between sexual arousal and brain-wave activity, and things like erogenous zones. Using heat-sensitive cameras to film an aroused couple involved the act of intimacy, one could clearly see what parts of the body were getting hotter than others. In this study electrodes were attached to both men and women to measure their brain-wave activity during sexual intercourse.

In Men...

What they discovered was that men, during foreplay, intercourse and climax, there was a progression in the brain activity from a normal state to what they called an "animalistic" state - in other words, the brain functions regressed to a lower level in all the men tested. Not only that, but that for each man tested, they sunk to approximately the same level of brain wave activity during climax and immediately after. There was a "floor" of sorts, and it was consistent, regardless of any variations in the sexual encounters. Men become like animals. (not that that is big news to anyone), and why they often fall asleep after the sex act.

In Women...

But listen to what happened to the woman. This is the really good part. Women are exactly the opposite of this! The brain activity, or "state of being", as they put it, progressed upwards from normal to a much higher state. Not only that, but there was also no measurable limit to how high that state could climb. Think about this for a moment. Women rise, men sink. It's really true. Women can go on a trip to unimaginable heights, and most men don't even know they've left. Feeling a little jealous yet, men? You should be. I, being a man who will never know what wonders a woman can experience, certainly am jealous. So I have come to the realization that if I can't experience it myself, I want to at least witness those peaks, those incredible highs. I want to be the catalyst that takes her there, even controls her experience with my rope bondage....

I absolutely love to look into the face of a woman who is in the outer limits of sensual ecstasy, hear the sounds that come from her throat, to smell her aromas, for me it is a glimpse into the divine itself. Such pleasure is, in my opinion, like a gift to women directly from God. I treat it with an almost spiritual reverence.

An Obstacle...

There is, however, one huge obstacle in the path. Our society is, sexually speaking, essentially one of sexual repression. Our culture has for decades, thrown conflicting signals at us. We have beer commercials with women and big boobs stretching out tiny bikinis, sex all over television and movies, and yet we men are taught that it is socially unacceptable to be caught openly looking at a woman in an admiring sexual way.

It's worse for women though. They are taught to flaunt it if they want, show off, indulge themselves if they want, but at the same time they are taught that it is unacceptable to allow it to be pleasurable. One does not want to be a slut, now, does she? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but the end result is that it has made us a nation with no firm sexual roles or identities. We are the oddest combination of promiscuity and inhibitions. Sex consumes us, yet we only secretly fantasize about things we would never talk about in public, and we criticize those who do. And it's just getting worse and worse. (Can anyone say 'political correctness'?)

Think about it. How often have you been in the middle of your passionate embrace and the woman has said "Stop! Wait. Don't touch me for a minute, it's too much! I have to cool off." What just happened? The woman just reached her own artificial barrier, nothing more. Just as she's approaching an intensity with which she is unfamiliar, she forces herself to put the skids on. Many women have some sort of limit they will not allow themselves to cross. It's not intentional, and they generally are not even consciously aware of it. It's just the way our culture has operated for many many years.

Now you can see the problem, how if one enjoys bringing pleasure to a woman and yet there are these barriers to contend with. As long as the woman is free to exert that control, she would.

So in order to remove the barriers she allows the removal of the option to exercise them with consensual bondage. It is very simple actually. By restraining her, she is no longer bound by her own inhibitions. The very act of submission is in fact a liberation. She is no longer subject to the false perceptions drummed into her by our weird and nonsensical culture. When she reaches that point where, previously, she had brought the encounter to a halt, now she will merely struggle, moan and whimper, and then finally embrace what is beyond. Viola! A new high, pleasure she never knew was attainable or even existed. A high that is merely yet to be surpassed. To top all this, to be able to do this with a special lady, growing in not only physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy... Soulmates. Wow..... I have found the key. This is what brings me the most joy.


A word about shame. Shame is a very powerful way we are controlled. Indeed one should be ashamed if you did something terrible to someone. The thief, the rapist, the molester, the killer, should all be ashamed of these acts. Society needs these boundaries

But shame as been used by the religionists to erect false boundaries and to control our natural "god-given" sexual behaviors.  In the end It leaves us with a feeling of,

"if it feels too good, there must be something wrong with it,
it must be 'sinful."

Consensual ly negotiated bondage is a way for one to surrender and get past those artificial shame barriers. Indeed I feel that there is a component of a positive "therapy" that takes place for many who participate in such.

Now you know the why I do what I do.

A few concluding thoughts and perhaps challenges to others. It seems if women as a group have a universal complaint about their lovemaking with men, it is that men don't take the time to arouse the woman and "bring her up".

In other words:

"Wam, bam, thank you ma'am"

It's referred to as foreplay. A woman will complain that men just become "animals" and as soon as he releases himself, she is left without the intimate attention she craves. Bondage because of its very nature takes time. The "dance" if you willm may take days of preparation, planning, and anticipation. Why not, several days before, tease your lady with some hints about what you are going to do to her in an upcoming encounter. With bondage the actual event may take hours of soft touching and caressing (or depending on your place on the D/s spectrum... for you it might be tight bindings, stinging touches of a crop. Personally, I like contrasting sensations). The music, the silk blindfold, the soft nylon ropes sliding across her skin all come together to take her to that high place. So guys, you want to be a real man in the eyes of your lady? Then take her there slowly, and then watch how she surrenders to your touch, and finally erupts in ecstasy, collapsing into a mass of trembling pleasure in your arms...

Now that's foreplay... In fact D/s is just that... foreplay, hours of it! I think if word ever gets out to the vanilla world (and I think its is already happening), women especially will flock to our world. After all what woman would not enjoys several hours of erotic foreplay. But ladies, it takes trust. If you want to experience all this and more, you must take your time and carefully chose that partner that you can give your trust to.

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