Materials - Ropes

by Tatu
January 1996



For most applications  5/16" - 3/8" is probably most suitable.  1/2" is just too large unless you are using it for support for suspension.  1/4" may be too small for some and has a tendency to cut, or even leave some nasty rope abrasions or even burns.  But then again, you may like that !  Just be aware.


1.  Braided nylon rope is  a favorite for bedromm bondage scenarios because it is soft, sensuous and won't easily unravel like the twisted style. Additionally it does not shed tiny dust like fibers like natural hemp or jute does.

2.  Twisted nylon rope is soft and nice.  It also leaves a very nice pattern of rope marks after the scene.

3.  Cotton rope is very soft, but also has a tendency to get dirtier more easily and get fuzzy. The more you wash cotton rope it tends to get larger and larger. Many love and prefer it, however, because of its softness for the sensual side of their scenes.

NOTE:  If you are a beginner or if your goal is sensuality and to have and observe the captive struggle in bondage, then nylon or cotton is the right choice.

4.  Hemp / Jute are natural fiber ropes. It is nice if you like the brown, natural look. Hemp can come in an unfinished rough scratchy product or in a finished manner for a softer feel.

To some westerners, the brown color of hemp is not as visually pleasing as nylon or cotton rope. However, the natural look of hemp or jute is a staple in Japanese Bondage. 

The feel of being bound in an unfinished hemp is a scratchy, sharp or biting feel to the skin.

The goal of some Japanese Master's is to have their captive not struggle, and using rougher unfinished hemp has a way of convincing her to be still.  

Some say the use of hemp pushes the captive into a much deeper level of submission.  

The scratchiness of unfinished may be a scene busting nuisance to others.  To the experienced after a few hours even the wildest of fighters will probably be reduced to stillness.

I prefer to use finished hemp or jute for many settings, especially suspension as nylon has a tendency to stretch under the load of the bodies weght.

NOTE:   If your goal is Submission and to train your captive to be passive then in a rope harness of rough unfinished hemp is just the ticket.

Getting started

Take a trip down to your local "Dungeon Depot" store.  I would suggest you  start with 3/8 " Braided Nylon.  They have a nifty cutter that heat sears the ends so they won't unravel.  It also can leave some nasty little rough edges, so you may want to wrap the ends with some electrical tape, or maybe not??

In time you might want to learn how to "Whip" the ends.  Consult a good knot tying book or sailing book.  It is time consuming but is very nice looking. 

I would suggest you buy  2-10' and  2- 15' for your first experiments.  

You may want to add later a 20' length for a crotchrope... and perhaps a 30' for doing chest harness or breast bondage.   If you are going to attempt a Japanese Rope Torso Harness or Dress  (Karada or Kikkou Shinju) you will need a 50-60' length.