Breast Safety

by Tatu

January 2000

Just my concerns.....

I write this out of concern for alot of what I see and potentially dangerous treatment of breasts and breast tissues in the S&M community. I am not criticizing anyone for their kinks, however I write to simply speak my concerns relative to the the heavy striking of breasts of canes, whips and floggers. The bottom line is the breasts are wonderful play things between intimate partners, and I feel we should be very careful in their treatment.

Ok so the marks look cool, and the pain may feel wonderful to some, but does anyone really know what damage might be being done to the underlying tissues? I think not. Do I have any imperical data to back up my concerns. Nope I sure don't. I'm just bothered. Wouldn't it be tragic to find out one day that heavey flaggelation of breast tissues were permanently damaging or even initiated deadly cancer cell growth and development.

I love breasts. I am a breast man. Love them big, love them small, love em all.

Let's take care of them and perhaps be a little bit more cautious in that area of the body..

 {Illustration courtesy of Shevette}

What about breasts and rope? While the tying up of breasts are wonderful playful moments, one must realize that hanging or suspending one from the breasts.... well breasts were not designed for that.

Think for a moment what simple gravity does to breast tissue over time. That's right they eventually comply to the forces of nature and gravity wins. Hard pulling or suspending by breasts will only hasten the process.

True Story

There is a lady in my area that had the terrible experience of having her breast bound and then her Dominant partially suspended by her breasts. The force was too much. I will never forget her describe how she said she felt the breast tissue simply release or tear away from the chest wall. In essence what had happened was that she just added about 30 years of breast sag to her young form.


The female nipples were designed on the other hand to take quite a bit of abuse. They are designed to take the sucking and nawing of and infant they can stand up to much. Indeed many hundreds of thousands of women today are finding great pleasure in piercing their nipples. It is painful for a split second to have them done, but women report that it is extraordinarily pleasureable for the female.

On the other hand they are quiet sensitive, and some care should be exercised to those specific tissues.

Be safe, I'm not doctor, just think about it.

s." California, Daedalus Publishi