The Power of Ritual

by Tatu

May 2005

Photo Credits: Top by Tatu
Bottom by Valerie Place Photograpy

Rituals are those important moments, conversions of time and activity that have special meaning to us.  They signal for us memories of the good, the lovely, the important.

In order for rituals to have the significance for you that they should, they will reflect unique moments that we wish to celebrate in some way, again and again.  My rituals may not be yours and yours mine.  

If you enjoy Japanese culture with your rope scene, begin to think of ways that you can incorporate aspects of culture into your scene or your D/s. The use of Japanese ARt, music such as Taiko drumming, body painting kanji on your lovers body in preparation for the rope moment are all ideas that I have used to create ritual.

Preparation of the rope setting by the nawa jujun in a certain way could bring importance to her.  I have my jujun carry my ropes in a special read oriental brocade bag.  She carries it on her back as she wears her kimono. She takes the ropes out and ritualistically, inspects them, feeling them, smelling the hemp and laying them out.

I found a toy drum with the two balls on the end that you twist. When she hears the drum rotate, she knows it is time. The imagery in her mind of her erotic journey that is about to begin is heightened.

Breathing together, meditating together....  ritual can come from anywhere and be very special just for you.

Blindfolds, silk scarves, ball gags, candles, music call all play a role is making your scene special.

Stimulating the entire atmosphere is an important part of the way of rope. When you put together a rope scene, remember it is not just about rope.

There are many other ways one can set the scene. Prepare your space for the sacred moment of rope. Set out candles. I like to arrange them by traditional colors & directions of the oriental traditions. Light incense and play that special music to put you and your submissive in the right head space.

Focus & Simultaneous Breathing

Next, take steps to bring the focus of your submissive to the powerful inner energies flowing in the body. I like to place my chest against her back and instruct her to feel the rise and fall of my chest and to breath simultaneously with me. I instruct her to focus on the center of her being with the fullness of her mind, and to call forth her inner pleasure sensors.


My personal favorite are silk scarves. A blindfold often adds to the excitement of the scene for your captive. In eastern bondage it can help her shut out all the potential distractions and focus on her energy center. It can also enable her to experience a measure of suspense or even fear, not knowing what is coming next. Over all it will help her concentrate on internalizing the whole scene for maximum pleasure.


One probably should not use gags until you have some experience built up between you and your victim. Communication is a must while learning the first few months. However, a nice bright red ball gag or even a silk scarf is a nice accoutrement for your visual pleasure. Your captive will give off some of the most pleasurable and exciting moans and whimpers you have ever heard. It will be erotic music to your ears.

In Japanese Bondage, however, a cloth over the lips and not necessarily in the mouth has a different purpose. By covering the mouth it indicates that the greatest pleasures come by not what you say or express, but from the silence of the physical self, the inner pleasurable spiritual self is brought forth in silent meditation.