"The Way of Rope" (TM)

"Nawa -do"

Nawa-do = literally, "rope way"

Nawa - dojo means a "place of learning rope"

Image by Lochai

"Konnichi wa"

Welcome to the online Nawa-dojo of
Rope Master Tatu

{{Bowing Respectfully}}

Here you will learn the basics of safety, the different materials
one can use to do rope art.  You will learn how to
tie the knots you will need, as well as some mental,
spiritual and sensual aspects of  Rope Art.

Tatu has a very special way
with his Rope Art.  He calls it

The way of love and harmony with rope.

Nawa = rope
Ai = love
Ki = Harmony
do = way

 He combines the sensual, spiritual, and
physical in doing his Art.

 He renders one helpless.
In this state of loss of contol,
one can only surrender.

Then he takes the model / partner on a deep meditative spiritual journey.
He guides her to find her own loving energies,
flying to secret places, leading the body to
explode with its natural pleasure sensors.   

To find out more,
please read Tatu's essay about this
sensual - spiritual connection of Rope,

that he calls

"The Way of Rope"

Adult Rope Art

The largest rope group
on the web with some
7000 members!!

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(c) 1999.  "The Way of Rope" (English) or "Nawa Do" (Japanese) is a phrase coined by Tatu. All rights reserved. Usage should refer the reader to Tatu Publications.