by Tatu

Photo by Valerie Place

There are different kinds of breathing.  Most of us go through life without giving breathing much thought.  We do it automatically, not thinking how it is foundational to life and health.

Any study into any eastern philosophy and breathing will be at the foundation.  In most cultures the breath is related to things of "the spirit" or "soul".  

Many cultures equate the last dying breath to be the soul leaving the body. Several cultures had rituals where as a child born to a mother who died in childbirth would be held up above her so that the child could experience as much of her soul as it could before she ascended away from her body.

For our purposes, think with me not about unconscious, but a focused conscious breathing. With nawaikido, we want to focus on our breathing. Combining ritual with focus, as a part of scene preparation I will sit behind my jujun and place my chest upon her back and let her feel my breathing. I instruct her to breathe in simultaneous rythmn to me.

This has the effect of her sensing that her spirit is one with mine, and that her very life is dependent upon mine as we go through the rope scene.

Most in the west have very little clue as to what altered states of consciousness are. If you play in the corporal world of D/s submissive will often experience what is called, "subspace" induced by the pain of the corporal blows to the body, the body's own pleasure chemicals called endorphins are called into action. When this happens a great euphoria can come over the physical body.

In our "nawa-aikido", we do not strike the body to induce pain, but with the person in a state of bondage and surrender, we use focused breathing to begin a journey if you will, leading to an altered state of consciousness, triggering the body's own inner endorphins without the use of pain.

There are a number of  types of breathing taught by the taoists, the tantrics, yoga, etc.

Most of us don't even do the regular breathing correctly. We should be breathing in through the nose and expanding our stomachs as we inhale. Then we should exhale through the mouth, drawing in the stomach.  

Yoga teaches what are called rebirthing techniques which can evoke strong emotional reactions.  Women report full body orgasms through some of these techniques.

It is not unusual in Nawaikido for the jujun who is suspended in air by the ropes who uses these techniques to experience energy orgasms without any physical touch.  This rush of energy through the body is called "kundalini rising".

Another form is The Breath of Love.  Either prior to or after the rope event, you may find this a wonderful thing to do.  Get out that soft Japanese garden music, maybe running water to set the mood.  Stand totally naked facing your soulmate, relax your knees and hold our arms out toward each other. Imagine your head floating up away from the body and your feet are sinking into the earth.  Look into your soulmates eyes and breathe. Do not loose eye contact.  Breathe at the chest for this exercise. Breathe in and out through the mouth continuously.  The body will get an oxygen overdose sending your energies on a pleasurable journey through your body.

Do this for 15 minutes and then go lie down and cuddle. Feel the energy in each other's bodies.


Photo Credit: Valerie Place